Grand Junction TN
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Contact  City Hall
Grand Junction City Hall
150 North Tippah,
P. O. Box 129
Grand Junction, TN 38039
Tel (731) 764-2871
Fax (731-764-6222
Lori Rice CMFO
Hours are Monday thru Friday
7:30am- 4:00pm
Closed on holidays
Court is held on the 2nd
Thursday at City Hall at 5:00pm
Judge Blake Sain
Mayor and Board of Alderman
Adrian Smith, Vice-Mayor James Holder, Robbie Bell, April Adkins, Courtney Breeden, Isiah Hunt
                                                                                And Mayor Curtis Lane.
Electrical Service:
Bolivar Energy Authority
    Office: 731-658-5257
    To report power outages contact us at:
731-658-5257 or 1-800-332-0457
Gas Service:
Hardeman-Fayette Utility
Open(Monday - Friday: 8 to 4:30)
15175 Highway 57Moscow, TN 38057 -
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Phone: (901) 877-6236
City Board Meeting
 is the
Monday of the month at City Hall.
(Except Holidays)
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253 Highway 57 E.
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